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23 Apr 2012

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10 Waves:
-The problem with 10 waves is to think that religion has evolved from the older waves to the newer
ones, and that the older waves are no longer important
- 10 waves is misleading in the sense that a religion can only be classified under one wave, in reality a
religion can be composed of several waves
Intro To Judaism:
- Judaism is different than other religions because it doesn’t have a specific founder that founded the
religion; there is a sequence to the development of the religion
- As Israelites emerges it’s not always clear even in Hebrew bible that the God of Jews is exclusive and
no other Gods exist
- Torah has several different meanings such as:
5 books of the Hebrew religion, commandments of God, Hebrew bible and all commentaries
written on it including the Mishnah, it could also mean a person who lives life according to gods
- A book in which Jews seek to understand the message from God
- Torah is also sometimes called “5 books of moses” or Pentateuch
- Torah was initially an oral tradition which was passed around (Moses relayed them in oral form)
- Torah is Book was written down by 200 BCE, made of 5 main books (Exodus, Genesis, Leviticus,
Numbers, Deuteronomy)
Hebrew Bible:
- Pentateuch is the first component of the Bible (Torah or 5 books of Moses); Exodus, Genesis, Leviticus,
Numbers, Deuteronomy
- Second section is entitled as the prophets (Nevi’im)
- Third component is a collection of writings (Ketuvim)
- Hebrew Bible is made up of a Tanakh
- Consists of the three components of the bible (T N K): Torah (Pentateuch), Nevi’im (Prophets),
(Ketuvim) Collection of writings
- Book talks about two different possible ways the world was created
1. God created order; water, land, and the sky, and then created humans for the planet
2. The story of Adam and Eve
Events leading to Moses:
- in Hebrew texts Abraham is asked to sacrifice Isaac, in Islam Ismail is to be sacrificed
- When he is about to sacrifice his son, a goat jumps out from the bush and Abraham realizes he doesn’t
have to sacrifice his son (he considers it a sign).
- Isaac is originally born through Sarah
- Isaac sons Jacob is known as the famous one, where Jacob wrestles an angel in which Jacob was given a
new name (Israel)
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