Week 4 Lec notes on Judaism

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4 Apr 2011
RLGA - Week 4 - Tue. Feb. 1/11
Rabbinical Judaism
Ethical shift towards the community
oTherefore, laws are generated to help the people
Rabbinical Judaism stems from the Pharisees group
oIntellectual, legal experts of the tradition
Essenes Messianic group Christianity
Lots of interpretation is used on the Hebrew Bible but the Bible itself is
“closed to any more texts, prophets etc.
90 C.E. Tanakh (the complete Bible for Jews)
oT - stands for the Torah or Law
oN stands for Nebiim or Prophets
oK stands for Kethubhim or Writings
oIt is the codification of scripture in order to preserve the tradition; even
though the Oral tradition was strong in itself
oRevelations are now closed; ie. No more revisions to the text
ofixed book/scripture
Work of rabbis was the interpretation which were all collected into the
Torah can mean: Gods Law; the 5 books of Moses; religious scripture;
interpretations; or the oral Torah
Oral Torah a text memorized/recorded with great accuracy (not written
The Mishnah is the oral torah written down by 200 C.E.
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