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Lecture 8

RLGA02H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Minority Group, Charismatic Authority, Church Attendance

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RLGA02- Lecture 8- Islam Sunni and Shi’a Law (Continued)
Based on Readings
Truth is defined by an authority figure
oTheir position is regarded as truthful
Sect is usually broken off from a larger group
oThreatens unity of a tradition causes issues between them
oOften the members of the sect go through persecution
oGroup coming out or emerging from a larger tradition
Other traditions would look at sects and treat them as if they were over enthusiastic
Sect is persecuted often by others
Sect vs church closer to the tradition
Cult one option among many
oHypnotize their followers to abide by them
oCharismatic leaders
Sect exclusive notion of the truth
Purpose of generating ideal types pg 612, 7 sectorial types
oGenerate a standard objective that can be observed
How is this done prior to the observation
oStarting pointChristianity is the standard generally used
How is it useful
oImpose categories on other religious traditions through the standard
oDoes not align with reality
oClassify things with things we already know sometimes a phenomenon that
doesn’t fit is implemented
Secularization religion losing significance in wide range of life
oSocial welfare state run
oSmaller groups have a sense of autonomy sense of religion is disappearing
oDecline of religion church attendance
oForms stricter groups high tension
oRefers to high tension world need to get tougher
Wanted more direct route towards religion idea of a sect
Faith doesn’t trump actions all about faith
oSects have a different aspect of the truth
Fundamentalists choose a part of the religion/faith to focus on
Volunteerism face-value, you choose to become a member of the religion
oBeing born into a religion and raised right to opt out?
oAnabaptist people who baptize again once they explicitly accept Christianity
Used as an appropriation
Called upon as an adult to verify their faith
Shia Tradition
Not a volunteerism
Group and party faithful to Ali
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