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19 Apr 2012

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Not putting islam under the academic scrutiny and rigor it leads to the misrepresentation of the religion
Simplification (apologetics inside defense of the tradition) of Islam leads to its
misrepresentation Not being critical does not due justice to the religion.
Writing a book of celebrating islam is doing the apologetic. Want to make it acamedic
including its scrutiny and rigor of academia
Key term - Source critism
Critical analysis vs. sympathetic analysis:
Back reading the tradition is something that progress its negotiationing the things in the past
and what the Qur’an and says it relates to what it is today
Early 9th tradition have something that makes the religion of Islam is on the map and its
available from multiple vantage point outside looking in. (the tradition goes all the way back
to the 6th century) tradition attempts to form its identity and its forming the origin of the
Ideological Hebrew and Christian bible referred to as narratives (stories) don’t spend time
talking about other people and what they do. Islam does, it actually has arguments within it
trying to justify it; not just story and symbols its argumentative. Embedded in Quran ideology
that establishes its tradition and states others as insufficient. The word of God its strange
expecting a story is strange that the Quran is arguementative.\
The quran pushes outside of itself and it aslo reffrences itself and talks about itself within itself
its aware of its environment
Don’t view history as true or false history of religion is interpration no facts that are
positively true with no doubt . History is not clear that this happened without a shadow of a
If we are doing correct acamedic work the arugmentwhen someone is saying its
unislamic/blasphemous that argument is from a different point of view. The point is trying to
be acamedic in our udnesrstanding of Islam if that’s not blasphemous then, if what the person
is doing is correct in an acamedic sense then its not unislamic in that sense
We have different people from a local perspective understanding Islam to them and assuming
it’s the same throughout. But what happens is that all these different local trys are leading to
different universal theories.
Normative islam the picture of islam that develops from above. Formation of islam is the
justifucaion of a particular way of ruling.
Authorative now another person is saying no its different . theres a diversity of opinion. Within
the tradition the diversity is celebrated ex 4 schools of thaught in Islam when it comes to law
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