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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Sheldon Ungar

Lecture 8 Goffman Play: Look Back in Anger by John Osborne The play was written by an angry young man that came back from the war. -Why was the play done on class a failure? Because the people presenting it werent actors, didnt know what the play was about and had no rehearsal time. They just went up and read it. -How does it differ from everyday self-presentation? Every day we practise the way we portray ourselves in front of others, more polished presentation Dramatic impact In presenting yourself to others is all about making a dramatic impact You must display correct feelings e.g. Index finger vs. middle finger different impact if you use other finger, always give the right finger (remember the finger). -Your emotion should be deep enough, not just a glaze or on surface, but must go deep at least a few inches Successful Interaction is not a given its an accomplishment -An interaction should not feel overly self-conscious or on. e.g. 1 Glen Hall (Chicago Blackhawks) He was a great goalie but he got so nervous he would throw up before every game. e.g. 2 Pack Morrow (one of the few Canadians that has climbed the 7 peaks) is more nervous before a lecture than climbing Mount Everest Places you would feel self-conscious at: -place you dont belong to -around strangers -being tested challenged -in a new situation -around famous people or high status others - job interview -committing illegal acts -on a first date -coordinate acts Mutual understanding must exist. I dont understand what you say I pretend I do and it fill in later, hopefully it will A: I have a child B: Thats ok This conversation makes no sense out of context. A: I have a dog The conversation takes place between a landlord (B) and a prospective B:Oh Im sorry tenant (A) -being in role When a doctor tells you to undress and examines you, he cant just look at you up and down he must stay in role and treat u like a slab of meat -vs. breakdown -Infractions: saying the wrong things, breaking norms -Embarrassment
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