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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Sheldon Ungar

Lecture 9 Culture and Media Culture A look at cultural change from a limited perspective. The electronic revolution: Effects of electronic revolution: Consequences of the mass media and electronic revolution: nothing is obvious or certain! Mass society hypothesis (1950s) (Globalization) : -Media breakdowns local barriers and homogenizes everyone e.g. Dallas(TV show) vs. the Soviet Union: TV show that portrayed a really high class family. People says that it was instrumental in bringing down the USSR because it showed that people could have a higher standard of living -Barack Obama: first world-president -Reactions against Western dominations: 1.In France really hard to show Hollywood movies. 2.US fastfood (McDonalds, Burger King ...) is a global winner the slow food movement (started in Europe) Possible Consequences of Electronic Revolution -TVVideo mediates reality -information overload -fear culture (cocoon) -empowerment (Inglehart) -postmodernism TV Mediates Reality -There are more TVs than people in the average houses 2.73 TVs vs. 2.55 people -TVs in buses, elevators, airports, lobbies. -TVs ubiquity as appliance -Conspicuous consumption -If not on TV, it never happened. TV validates reality. -If you cannot do in 30 seconds it never makes it to TV, sound bites Sound Bites News* YEAR Average Sound bite 1968 43 seconds 1972 25 1976 18 1980 12 1988 9 * From Jr. of Communication, Spring 1992 -White noise of modern life -History as a black hole. Young people wont watch black and white TV, no one watches old movies. Beyond TV new connectivities -At the beginning cell phones were used a lot by drug dealers because they couldnt tap the line and because of the mobility
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