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D-Families Part 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Mc Kinon

Spouse Abuse Psychological abuse, living apart for 3 years qualifies divorce, changed in 1985, act made separation for one year No Fault Divorce-no one to blame, by which time divorce is automatic Critiques: divorce is too easy may leads to break down to the family; should make it more difficult Reason for Divorce Individualism on rise, spent less time with each other, living as a single fashion rather than community due to technology effect Me-Generation: different from traditional type of family, purchase for themselves, individualism; less commitment for obligation, appears to more committed to our selves Romantic Love and Divorce: last for less than a year and commitment and intimacy plays an important role in marriage (Slide The Components of Love )- refers to love sick, smitten; endorphin Culture of romantic love shortly last Independent Women technology, medical technology; ex birth control pills, giving control to women on fertility and men have no say; power for women Rise of Women movement- later force, feminist, when women work for pay, much easier to walk away from marriage since they are economically independent; raising the divorce rates Marriage as the Modern Stress- House work, 2 career couples can be demanding, as the second shift for women, women work outside and doing the housework; ex. Child Care and Senior Care Men do housework too but there are still a gap between men and women; couples discuss on who is taking the primary consideration on career; most likely Womens career as the secondary career and thus women do more house work Sometimes, Duel Career couples (husband wife make agreements)- professionals, both making good money and most likely to share housework and also likely to get divorced; sharing leads to divorce -connections with each other, less time for couples to spent time with each other -Intimacy and Trust= takes time to develop and a lot of work; in todays world, people lack time to hold them together Social Acceptability, negative stigma Divorce is acceptable in today society, seen as normal and socially acceptable Legally Reform: Divorce is easier legally, ex. No children makes easier to get divorce; no lawyer
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