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SOCA01H3 Lecture Notes - Altruistic Suicide, Social Integration, List Of Sovereign States By Suicide Rate

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Sociology became serious with industrial revolution an scientific revolution
Science of society—sociology
Do social forces exist? Do they relate to sociology?
oFound sociology is related to suicide rates
Social behaviour important human behaviour, controls it
Micro: face to face interactions, concrete, here and now
Macro: people you relate to, more abstractly
Global structures: ie. Multinational companies,UN,most abstract
Suicide and sociointegration(good example of macro structures)
Tend to think of suicide as invidual act(ie Hamlet, “to be or not to be)
oSocial forces operate in hidden ways
oWe think that suicide comes from psychological conditions
oMust accept role of social forces
When it comes to psychological forces Durkheim looked at some
oNo relationship between psychological disorders and suicide, in fact some seem to
protect people who want to commit suicide
Social forces he called social integration(degree to which youre a member of a larger
whole, those socially integrated share values, beliefs with others,)
Macro examples: religion integration, integrated by ethics
Kinship group-being member of large extended family
oPeople who are socially integrated are constrained(held back from being to
individualist, what Durkheim called social integration)
Forces can be high, medium or weak
Modern society weakly integrates, all sorts of subcultures in our society(ie different
religions multi-ethnic, multi-racial)
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oModern society has different life cycles(different periods we go through in life)
oAt one time there was mainly only one religion,ethnic,music, etc.
Social integration aka social solidaity(degree which they’re connected)
Durkheims Theory of Suicide
oModern society(egoistic suicide)
When integration is low
oAnomic sucidie(social integration is weak)
Suicide rate lowest when social integration is in the idle
oAs social integration increases in traditional society, you can get altruistic suicide
All three suicides shaped by social forces
Modern society’s integration called orgamic soliditary according to Durkheim
oBelieved too much individualist is a threat, and are likely to commit egoistic
suicide b/c individual not bound together by common culture
Traditional societies have what is called mechanical soliditary( high integration, people
depend on approval of others, as we move from traditional to modern the ego, referring to
social personality, becomes vulnerable/exposed to suicide
Ie London during WW2 Blitz, Germans dropped bombs on London, you would expect
suicide rates to go but it didnt
oWhen people face common danger social soliditary increases, work together,
become members of a group
Level of social integration varies within Canada so we can expect suicide rates to vary as
Males tend to be less well integrated than women, leading to higher suicide rates
oResult of the way we are raised, women taught to be more social, express feelings
Judaism-high integration(low suicide rates)
Catholiosim-intermediate integration(intermediate suicide)
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