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Sociology class notes Oct 25,2012 (first class after mid).docx

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ivanka Knezevic

Main Concepts for Oct 25 2012 Sociology Formal Sociology Simmel ToenniesForm and PurposeIdeal types concepts include characteristic of most historic research DiadTwo subjects interaction highly invested in interaction intimate relationship equal same everywhereTriadGroup of three no matter what the purpose of interaction stable characteristic unequal no decision can be made until 2 agrees minus the third person introduces power into social structure same everywhere Social NetworksSets of Nodes connected by TiesSocial or Material Resources are exchanged Some individuals who keep ones all together knows what other people are doing organize group meetings consist of teachers family friends or even dentist doctors Part of social networksCENTER OF THE NETWORKExchange social material resources information gossip rumors culture money advices clothes emotional supportASSYMETRICAL TIES unequal relationship in the nodes Parents and child Supports from parents Professor and Student Receive knowledge Popular personnormal friend Tries to do more to become pops friend Redundant Ties multiple tiesEx social network to exist people are tied to one social relationship Relationship between parents and child biological or social decent Now grown up work for parents now have ties of kinship and also employeeCan have more than one simple relationships for the same personDifferent connection between the same social network StrongWeak TiesLarge quantity of information being exchanged and interacted the ties are stronger spouse best friend parentsother close family members Strong ties ones that are most important in our livesLimited amount of exchanged information and interaction the ties are weak Study groups bossworkers only related to work teachersstudentsonly for schoolGranovetter Strength of Weak Ties When finding a job weak ties are better than strong ties Family friends they already know lots about you so nothing newWeak ties want to know about the company the workers a lot more interested acquaintances move in a different social circle so they wont know everything about youSOCIAL NETWORKS CONTNetworks consist of ties Network analysis doesnt care about personal characteristicsNetwork sociologist considers themselves the proper onesHave no boundaries not aware of who are in their networks
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