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Ivanka Knezevic

Both test and exam MC on 60-70 %readings and 30-40%lectures (including videos) DO we really need sociology? Common-sensical explanations of social life are usually: -Untested, and (their experience apply to all social life) -Married by voluntaristics bias (a belief people’s fade depends on their own actions) not realistic -(People with good ideas, attitudes, and values have good lives) Sociological knowledge is -Systematically tested in research, and -Aware that events are shaped not only by individual agency, but also by cultures and social structures that cause, or even force, people to experience conditions they would rather avoid. What is Sociology? -Tepperman, Albanese, Curtis: - is a study of social behavior in human societies -emphasis on agency, current in sociology of the 2000s -Social cause, neo-liberalism (market should be left free) and rational-choice theory. -Knezevic: Sociology is a study of social relations, created in an interaction of agency, social structure and culture. 3 elements affect social relations -(1) agency: purposeful human action. (what really decides to do, and what to do) -(2) social structure: a relatively stable network of social relations that enable and constrain individual agency. -(3) culture: ideas (understanding, values,
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