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Ivanka Knezevic

Formal sociology - Simmel, Toennies Form and purpose – The structure of social relationships is the same across different types Diad – 2 units interacting – base on equality & highly invested in interaction (relationship) Triad – group of free – stable but different from Diad (unequal – 3 ppl so need 2 ppl to agree) Social networks – sets of nodes where social OR material resources are exchanged (information, gossip, rumors, money, advice, emotional support) Centralized networks are held by the central node – the person who gathers ppl Asymmetrical ties – one node gives more resources than the other (parent/kid)(prof/student) Redundant ties – multiple ties (parent/child when child is working for family as an employee) Strong and weak ties - strong (interacting/exchanging resource more than weak ties) Granovetter “Strength of weak ties” – ex. Finding a new job (people with weak ties have less interaction with you (interacting with other ppl) so they will know new/different info for you Social Networks have no real boundaries – not aware of who is in their network (changes) Social Groups 1. Engage in regular social interaction 2. Structure – (doesn’t change often) Statuses and roles 3. Awareness of membership (Identity) 4. Boundaries (distinction with outsiders) supports own members/exclude others Social categories Sets of people who do not interact, but have a shared characteristic Significance of categories is socially constructed Note: also structurally based Types of social groups: Primary groups
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