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University of Toronto Scarborough
Sheldon Ungar

The “Play” John Osbone, Look back in Anger - Why a failure? - How differ from everyday self presentation ? o We play ourselves, but today we used people and made it in to a drama. o One way to look at it, we have different selves Dramatic Impact - Display correct feelings o Show not just on surface, but go in a few inches o One needs to convince people o Ex. Someone tells you they have cancer Successful interaction not a given but an accomplishment - Not feel self-conscious or “on” o Ex. Lying, job interview, a date, strangers; new situations; people with high status, famous people, being evaluated, illegal acts Coordinate acts o Mutual Understandings o Be “in” role o Versus Breakdown  Infractions  Embarrassment o Ex. Funerals (People usually don’t know what to say) Accomplishing Social Order - Harold Garfinkel o Ethnomethodology - Violations of rules o “breaching”  Uncover hidden norms o Conversation as a gloss  (Gloss – Not clear, but conversations of norms are disregarded)  Act as if you comprehend  The content is less important than ongoing successful Rituals to enact or accomplish order - Affirms both selves o Vs threaten them - There are many different little rituals in life – Being polite, holding doors, offering seats - Greeting rituals o Attenuation rule (They weaken)  Ex. You work with someone, it is after a long weekend and when you pass each other you may ask “how was your weekend?” You may end up saying “Fine” or “Tell them how it was” You may talk to them when you first see them in the morning but as the day goes on, you won’t end up talking to them as much  Ex. Someone you haven’t seen in awhile across the street, you may go over and talk to them or keep on walking (Possibly cause you hate them) - Parting Rituals o One can’t leave to early even if they want to (It’s rude) - Minor Infractions o Cross cultural infractions  Embarrassment  Ex. Getting with left hand (In some cultures, right hand is for eating, left hand is for “bathroom”)  Many cultures frown when people put their feet on the table o Embarrassment versus “Civil disattention”  Ex. Man coming out of a washroom stall in the girls washroom  Someone’s fly is undone  Dirt in someone’s teeth Ritual Work - Infractions  Accounts - Script for accounts o Offer or provide help  Ex. You open the door and you close the door but there was someone behind you and the door hits them in the face and they drop their textbooks. The right thing to do would be to get down and help the person pick up their textbooks o Offer apology/explanation o Do sufficient ritual/remedial work Remedial Work - Displays membership - Affirms both selves o Vs discredit both Emotional Energy Hypothesis - Most interaction adds an increment of positive emotional energy - Negative outcomes & feelings are inevitable o Ex. On
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