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Sheldon Ungar

Sociology – Week 8 – November 1, 2012 (Culture, Media, Social Media) “Living in the midst of the digital revolution. Nothing is certain.” 1950’s Mass Society Hypothesis - Media homogenizes everyone o Hollywood films Media Breakdown Barriers - Dallas and the Soviet Union Postmodernism - Postmodernism involves the eclectic mixing of cultural elements from various times and places; - One’s sense of time and place becomes fragmented and unstable - Progress becomes uncertain; unifying values and beliefs cease to exist o Ex. Spice Girl’s billboard o Mixing cultures (Tokyo Disneyland) o Tourists in Middle East (Revealing) and people who are from Middle East (Covered up) TV and Revolution, 1989 - Tiananmen Square - Berlin Wall Beyond TV – New Connectivity - Cell Phones and revolts? - Social Networking (Twitter, Facebook) Paris Riots, 2007 - Cellphones were first used for drugs - Paris people used cellphones to communicate and discuss where they would riot o It would work for awhile but eventually, the police taped into their cellphones - In Germany (Nov, 1918) o In 5 days, the revolution spread throughout Germany o Back in the 1918, what did they use to communicate?  No cellphone, no tv, no internet  If people could spread through Germany in 5 days, why do cellphones matter Key image form the war in Vietnam - Man with a pistol (Vietnamese Colonal) infront of his head o Very close to his head Iran Revolt, 2009 - Person holding out a phone to a police who may hit him saying “Stop or l’ll Tweet” Issues tend to - Disappear o Myanmar (Burma) revolt Some Issues Never Appear - Congo War o Possibly killed 3 million people o Some people refer to it as World War 3 Social Constructionist Perspective - Claims- making (Tons of this)  Public issues (Far fewer)  Celebrity issues (Rare) Two Big USA Issues - National Security (911) - Economy o Economy has pushed back National Security quite a bit Media Attention - Amount of media attention to an issue is often unrelated to its “objective” seriousness o *Note* It is not always easy to measure “seriousness”  Ex. Seriousness of a viral outbreak that may or may not become life threatening  Mad Cow Disease (Eat cows and die) – Ultimately <100 cases around the world. It was said as a huge thing and TONS of cows were killed  Tuberculosis; 3 million deaths a year around the world. We do not hear about this issue because it is treatable (antibiotics) in Canada but in
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