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University of Toronto Scarborough
Sheldon Ungar

SOCA01 – Week 11 – November 22, 2012 Orienting Questions - Is inequality inevitable? - On what bases should rewards – Class, status and power – be distributed? - How much inequality should there be? o Fairness o Social benefits Lululemon’s Ayn Rand bag irks some (Others Shrugged) - Who is John Gult? Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged - Revolt by risk innovators o “Of the mind” - Social collapse The Functional Theory of Stratification - Argues that inequality is useful and inevitable o In part the are right, but they over state it o Pure equality doesn’t seem to work quite well Inequality Does Seem Inevitable!! - Kibbutz in Israel o Small agricultural communities, contained left-winged group. Separated the family. o The leaders would rotate their positions every few years o However, some people would be better leaders than others  The kids of the leaders would then get the power & status from the parents - Soviet Union & Communism o There wasn’t true equality o If you were a ‘member’ you could obtain power that transforms to wealth and status  Obtainign cars, dachas, special shops, western goods o Their kids get sent to special institutes, getting the best education, connections and they would obtain the best jobs Emergence of Inequality - Inequality in power (from large-scale organizations) is translated into status and economic outcomes The Functional Argument - Some jobs (Ex. Physician) are more important than others (Ex. Janitor) - Functionally important jobs require more training o Brain Surgeon needs more training then a general practitioner o Airline pilot needs more training than flight attendants - To motivate people to make the sacrifices necessary to train for important jobs, they must receive large rewards for their work o Years of education, cost Functionalism Affirmative Action - Position open to best person - Position open to talented and qualified persons of any group o Average hockey player and the star But how do we asses the “best”? Use just grades? - Ex. President Roosevelt (Best president [possibly], however he had a C+ average in University) Critique of Functionalism 1 - How do we determine which jobs are most functionally important? o Ex. Contribute more Imagine a Strike: - Time to impact - Criticality - Replaceability o How replaceable are the people? Can we replace them in 24 hours? Examples - Doctors o Time of impact : Immediate o Criticality : Pretty critical (Ex. Cancer patient that needs chemo) o Replaceability : Not replaceable - Police o Time of impact : Immediate  People would start not following rules (Stop lights) o Criticality: Very critical o Replaceability : Medium  Replaceable by army, troops (Can be replaced but not really) - Garbage Collectors o Time of Impact: Slow o Criticality: Takes a while o Replaceability: High level  People can drive garbage trucks, anyone can do this job - Truck Drivers o Time of Impact: Immediately (Al
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