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Sheldon Ungar

Week 10 – SOCA01 – November 15, 2012 Stratification is continuity Social Stratification - Study of social inequality o Who gets what - Inequality is related to “everything” o Small but consistent relationship  Always measured in sociological research  May ask : IQ, self esteem, and etc. The Field Defined - Differentiation (Hair colour, Eye colour, Age, Height, Age & etc) VS Evaluation o Eye colour, Hair colour may not be evaluated, BUT height is evaluated - Social Stratification is the way valued resources – wealth, power, prestige – are distributed o And transmitted from one generation to the next Max Weber - Key Sociologist - Much of his work is engaged in Karl Marx’s work - Weber is best known in the field not including Marx Weber’s Three Hierarchies - Class o Income/Wealth, Life Chances  You either OWN the factory or you work in the factory  Income is what we earn, most of us are a few pay checks away from poverty  Wealth is what people have; land, castles, investments - Prestige o Status groups; deference & respect - Power o Capacity to attain one’s goals despite opposition  Doesn’t necessarily depend on wealth, but one can attain wealth with power or power with wealth Weber’s Stratification Scheme - Pyramid/ Triangle form o Less at the top, more at the bottom Wealth - Top 10% - Holds 80% of Financial Assets - Lower 90% - Holds 20% of Financial Assets - Inequality of wealth in Canada and other Western countries has increased since the early 1970s o Vs. redistribution US 400 Richest Families - 1982 o $ 230 million average - 2002 o $2.8 billion Economic Inequality in Canada - 90 % of Canadians own no stock - ½ of all wealth is owned by 10% of people Prestige - Recognition/deference - Status groups o Exclude others o Past: Identified with dress, life style (Instantly recognized)  In Medieval Europe, people dressed differently, The Rich had horses while the poor did not - Blue Blood, Born into (family name) 30 Second Rule in Fine Dining: You raise your finger and within 30 seconds, you are supposed to get service within 30 seconds Now Occupational Status: “SES” (Social E
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