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Sheldon Ungar

Metaphors can be more misleading Knowledge society  There is more knowledge than ever before o Knowledge explosions  People have more access to knowledge than ever before o Technology & communications explosion o Theres knowledge accesible everywhere  High motivation to be knowledge o Social rewards for knowledge o Depending on what context you get knowledge Inglehard (empowerment)  System level changes o Individual level changes  System-level concequences  Majority of people satisfy their needs o Increased need for self realization  Rise of elite challenges  Rising levels of education o Increased need for self realization  Rise of elite challenges o Increased political skills  Rise of elite challenges  Expansion of communication o Increased political skills  Rise of elite challenges  Examples of elite challenges  aids and breast cancer  are relatively rare o we are more likely to be controlled or manipulated by elites  George bush and selling war on Iraq  Relies on ignorance:  Falsely links saddam Hussein and 9/11 o When he had nothing to do with it, and he even hated al qaeda Example of knowledge society: driven by technological revolution  WW1—information underload o "generals were like men without eyes, without ears and without voices, unable to watch the operations they set in progress, unable to hear reports of their development and unable to speak to those whom they had originally given orders. . .“ o generals had no idea what was going on o wired communication o when your on war wires get caught  Gulf War on—information overload o surveillance, targeting and communication in "real time" o drones spy and taking pictures and everything  drive you crazy  some give you tickets for speeding  planning to use them here  they have too much its overload  spy satelites can read the lisence plate on your car Threat informational overload  More scientific papers have been written now more than every before in 1960 Knowledge-Ignorance Paradox  Besieged by information explosion o "infomated" workplace.  Increased social distribution of ignorance* o Besieged by ignorance o Quantitative necessity o Social choices o People used to fix their own washing machine but now you cant its all computer chip based Medicine & overload  Doctors should keep up latest treatments o Cannot  Quantity information too large  Doctors cant keep up  Manage overload: o Satisficing solutions: “good enough” o Because of information overload we don‟t do a statificing solution its not the best but its good enough  Constrict areas of speciality  Simplified knowledge packages o Rely on drug companies o Simplified predigestred information package
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