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Moral entreneopers: good at selling moral ideas.
Decline of the nuclear family : tradegey
Why? Marriage rates are decreasing and divorce rates are increasing.
Large number of children being raised outside of marriage, and in single parent families.
50% of all Canadian children spend some time in a single parent family before 18.
Families are always changing.
Cleveland families:
Man worked, woman at home.
First marriage.
Second marriage highest divorce rate.
Nucle ar family min ority to d ay.
19 0 1 7 0 % mar riage w/ child.
Com m o n law families d evelo p, if spilt s u p su p p ort p ayment.
Fun ctionism imp ortant.
Fun ctionism look s at family b ein g very imp o rtant society c a n n o t functio n wit h o u t it.
Variou s fu n ction that family provides society: sex u al reg ulatio n, e c o n o mic cooperatio
(woman u sually perform d o mestic work) socializin g children (primary functio n)
Families te a c h children h ow to intergrade into society b e c ome in d epen d ent.
Families liek to take full co n trol of socializ a tio n of their children, n o interferenc e
Culture/society reg ulates sex u al a c tivit y, maintain kinship organiz a tion.
How? Way of inc e st tab o o, forbade sex u al relatio n s b efore(this v aries cultur
to cult ure)
Now close to b ein g u niversally a c c e pted.
Parents p as s o n pro p erty to children by u sin g a will
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People trace ancestry through mothers lines, they support incest taboo. Any relative
mother? no
Paterlineal descent systems: applied same concept to father
Our culture: bilateral both sides are forbidden, and close relatives.
Ancient Egypt: allowed brother and sister marriage, maintain purity aristocractic blood
Incest taboo? Nature or Nurture? usually not a good idea to have a marriage with a
close relation.
Recessive gene bad when closely related, for sure both partners have it and it increas
with a closer relation.
Outside of familyforms alliances, in order to improve social standing.
Attempt to control society taboo.
Social placement blooms large, social identity given by family
Ethnicity, etc from family
Social placementgives a person identity, this is important emotionally.
Harry Harlow experimented with monkeys, found primates, close physical contact
necessary for socialization (holding touching etc)
Family: baby has a face only a mother could love. Particularistic, family solidarity
acceptance of who you are. Relationships formed in family are all emotional
Society: universalism, impersonalityno compassion
We need emotional security by family social structure so we may be ready for the re
Live in a heartless world.
Family is always there for you, protexts you, is there for yu financially
Familyparadox: do mestic violence, conflict.
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