SOCA01H3 Lecture Notes - International Brotherhood Of Teamsters, Social Order, Mother Teresa

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20 Jul 2011
July 4
Social Stratification.
Social complexity creates inequality.
Modern society is more complicated than
Politics is responsible for inequality.
Social complexity refers an increase in division of labour. (# of occupations found in society).
Division of labour = social differentiation.
3500 occupations. Some earn more, some earn less. Primary teachers earn more than postal
Teachers would say, we deserved more money t han postal workers, because we are more
educated (Legitimacy). We have more job teaching the young. Vital functions, stressful jobs.
The LEGITIMACY argument is to maintain the occupational inequality.
Explanations of income inequality:
Social capital: peoples network.
A economist named MASCA, he studies ELITEs. He says inequality is inevitable, because of
political organization.
Political org—make decisions—coordinate.
When political organizations, this leads to inequality. Leaders have more power. The inequality
of power will also cause material inequality.
Anarchism: political system are by their own cor ruption.
Iron laws of oligarchy: (by Robert Michels)
This is a cynical attitude towards politics.
A similar argument made by Pareto is politics is responsible for inequality.
Social stra tification is the process of ranking people, on the basis of Socially differentiated
The increase in Canadian Families masks some things:
1, in 1951, dad works. Moms dont work.
2, in 2003, two incomes producing the increase.
Something make up class.
1. Wealth defines class.
Wealth: holdings that are liquid, liquid assess (money, AKA lquidity), Money is medium of
exchange. Money is fungible.
Non-liquid assess: a house, car, furniture, RRSPs,
2. Prestige: Social standing in the community. Do people admire you? Esteem privilege . In
York University, IBR is the institute of behavioural research.
Occupations ranked by Prestige:
Supreme Court Judge is the most prestige job in Canada.
3. Power The inf luence. The mass media can inf luence. People who have power can impose on
you. Politician have power. Democratic tradition. Professional groups have power, OCPS is the
professional organization. A guy in this org is charged with sexual assault. This is the
disciplinary power. He can no longer diagnose women.
A practitioner, physicians are given power by the province, This is called the legal monopoly.
Business people want to get power, they go to charitable work.
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