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Social Stratification

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

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July 4Social Stratification Social complexity creates inequality Modern society is more complicated thanPolitics is responsible for inequality Social complexity refers an increase in division of labour of occupations found in society Division of laboursocial differentiation 3500 occupations Some earn more some earn less Primary teachers earn more than postal workers Teachers would say we deserved more money than postal workers because we are more educated Legitimacy We have more job teaching the young Vital functions stressful jobsThe LEGITIMACY argument is to maintain the occupational inequality Explanations of income inequality Social capital peoples network A economist named MASCA he studies ELITEsHe says inequality is inevitable because of political organization Political orgmake decisionscoordinateWhen political organizations this leads to inequality Leaders have more powerThe inequality of power will also cause material inequalityAnarchism political system are by their own corruptionIron laws of oligarchy by Robert MichelsThis is a cynical attitude towards politicsA similar argument made by Pareto is politics is responsible for inequalitySocial str
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