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Sociology- SOCA01 Inc= increase Bcz= because Pple=people Cond= conditions Pop=population Sociology - “Science of Society” Do social forces exist? If not then, sociology doesn’t exist Social forces- imp source of human behavior Micro level- face to face Macro level- people you relate to Global Structure- controlled by big cooperation e.g. UN above national level Suicide is an example of macro social. Social forces operate in hidden way. Psychological conditions are considered responsible for suicide Dukheim- no relationship between suicide & psychological disease & in fact psychological disorder protects against suicide. “social integration”- how you feel about being a member of society People may be stuck together by religion, common ethnicity, kinship (larger extended family) -> Macro Level We are held back from being individualistic and hence we are strongly integrated ( week, strong or medium). IF week, gets suicidal. - Life Cycle (childhood, adolescent etc) - Social solidarity- Dukheim’s Theory & it shapes suicide In modern society, social solidarity is week Suicide rate tends to be egoistic or anomic –social integration week. Tradition society- society that is before modern society ( ancestral) Organic solidarity - Modern society - Too much individualistic - Dukheim wasn’t infavour of individualistic Mechanical solidarity - Traditional society - Ego is social personality to Dukheim - Ego can make one become suicidal - Ego needs to be integrated , should be constrained “Blitz Kneig”- when people face common danger, social solidarity become stronger. We see this a lot in police force. In London, once pple faced common threat, solidarity increase, suicide rate went down. Lower level of social integration, high rate of egoistic suicide Males tend to be less integrated. Women are social thus less suicidal EGOISTIC SOCIAL PROFILE 1) Males 2) Protestant( Catholic + Jews) 3) Petless 4) University educated(professionals) 5) Single 6) Urbanite 7) Dominant group members (e.g EURO Canadian who lived here a long time as compare to minority groups -> may be bcz minority groups are usually part of an ethnicity group) Protestantism- they establish direct relationship with God, no priest involved Catholism- there is a priest who convey the message Dukheim hypothesis proved to be right in some aspects. A lot of university encourages MORAL RELATIVEISM Dentist commit most suicide – one could assume that may be it’s bcz pt ca
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