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SOCA01 –Lec 2 Prod=produced Pple=people Dept=department Cont=continue Mem=members Diff=differ or difference Bcz=because Suicide cont Sociology-social forces, history, politics, psychology, economic. Forced prod by society. Ex suicide is influenced by social solidarity and social integration. In modern society, family is losing its power. Anonymity- sense of being anonymous in the society. Altruistic suicide- takes place in traditional post modern/SHAME/HONOUR society - High social integration - No crime in traditional society - Deviant-away from norm - Less deal of consensus(agreement) - A lot of conformity - Social control is v.low - Individualism –responsible for criticism and creativity in the society - shame and lose of honor has a almost no impact - people are deeply committed to groups & hence commit suicide for that group - this happen due to high social integration People do a lot of training when under high pressure e.g in military to develop high solidarity (espit de corps) RMC officer corps Russel Williams – committed breaking and entering, raping & murder . he was a military guy, in prison they took his stuff away bcz there was a high chance of him committing altruistic suicide. VALOR* Modern Japan- had most altruistic suicide. Only modern society has high social integration like in traditional society. Two reasons: 1) Self sacrifice in war to save homeland –common in WWII 2) Don’t live up to the standards of the group. In traditional society, we find loss of face or lose of self esteem. Student’s altruistic suicide – highest in Japan - Hi expectation placed on Japanese students - A lot of pressure if get poor grades - Live up to the standards of group - SAMURAI tradition- demanding code of ethics/rules - Pple will expect you to do hara kiri or ritualism - In WWII many committed suicide after defeat - Pple were disembowled which is basically disintegration of bowls - Kama kazi pilots- when Japan lost , pilots in the war committed suicide by getting on the plane which could take off but can’t come back to land - After WWII , no Japanese went out to find their pilots. On the other hand, English find their pilots are very precious since it takes 100 of hours of practice to train them. Hence after the war, Japanese had the least experienced pilots. Social Engineering- using sociology and engineering principles Altruistic suicide is not as common as other suicides CULTURE - forces that proceed us to do what culture wants us to do - total way of life of society, country - can have sub cultures within the larger culture - material culture-tools,tech,planes,trains & auto mobility - production-tool allows us what we want to do in world - symbolic culture - people cooperate to achieve the goals. Cultures make that possible - social order & predictability follow- these pattern reoccur - culture is most powerful force - culture is paradox bcz it’s responsible for freedom and constrains Multiculturalism-pple follows their own culture Globalization-e.g cricket-watch it alive! Made possible by materials
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