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Chap. 1,ASociological Compass 1. The benefit of sociology according to Bob Brym is that it can help create A. better art B. meterosexual understanding C. a happier childhood. D. the best possible future. * E. more secure energy supplies. 2. The sociological study of suicide reveals that A. what is thought to be individual behaviour is actually social behaviour. * B. only the mentally ill commit suicide. C. unfortunately, suicide cannot be predicted. D. what may be the influence of social behaviour is actually the influence of individual understandings and biography. E. depression and anxiety are excellent predictors of suicide rates. 3. The ability to see the connection between personal troubles and social structure A. requires intensive informal training in sociology. B. can undermine the social order. C. is what is meant by the sociological imagination. * D. is Durkheim’s folly. E. is like crossing the matrix. 4. That some societal functions are latent means that they are 2 A. visible only to sociologists. B. less obvious and unintended. * C. invisible but intentional. D. always functional. E. typically dysfunctional. 5. According to Karl Marx, the most important social structure in any society is the system of A. class relations. * B. government. C. social institutions. D. moral order. E. authority. Chap. 3, Culture 6. We live in a social universe full of symbols. Symbols are important because A. they can be a source of humour. B. they give linguists their subject material. C. they allow us to classify and generalize experiences. * D. they provide an unquestioned foundation of reality. E. they give a rationale for manifest destiny. 7. William Graham Sumner is best known for his work on which of the following? A. production B. consumption C. culture 3 D. norms * E. material culture 8. What is the controversial part of the Sapir-Whorf thesis? A. we develop language to express our concepts B. language influences the way we experience the world * C. people think before they can speak D. language is an instinct E. speech is an interpretation of our experience 9. How has the United Nations defined genital mutilation? A. cultural diversity B. multiculturalism C. cultural production D. cultural relativism E. violence against women * 10. The worldwide erosion of authority has been called A. expanded tribalism. B. national urbanism. C. postmodernism. * D. primitivism. E. civiliza
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