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SOCA01 – 12 Notes on board: Frank Duredi, culture of fear 1) Religious morals entrepreneurs 2) Secular moral entrepreneurs 3) Health activist 4) Environmentalists 5) Child activist 6) Law and order entrepreneur 7) Free market entrepreneur Two papers reviewed: - Davis. Moore, stratification - Crittenden, mommy tax Metal health labeling: A growth industry 1) Stress society – we are living in best time. There use to be illiteracy, wars, violence throughout our history. Modern societies don’t impose any stress. It leaves u free from finding where the other time meal is coming from and u focus on intellectual work. Longevity keeps on going up. For women average life span is 80. 2) Corporate interest- pharmaceutical companies have become involved. They patronize new drugs & only that company can sell it until the contract runs out & generic drugs came into market. Prozac- widely prescribed. Elili-when patron run out on paroz they produce generic drug called sarafan that psychiatric came up with. The connection between psychiatrics and pharmaceutical companies is close. 3) Every one’s an expert- self help literati on. We encounter self help expert on news paper, magazine, tv etc. They expand labeling. Ex Ritalin – drug prescribe for boys for social control problem in the class room (these are called inattentive boys). Ritalin calm the person down and use to manage behavior that one disagree with. ADD is suppose to be brain disorder & it involves chemical abnormality for brain. No test is available for that. Only Ritalin clinical experiment is used. PTSD once this disorder was recognized, after recognition psychiatric trivialize the condition PTSD. If u saw a scary movie, u are defined to have PTSD. It comes from attempt to inc professional power. 4) Professional power –all occupation inc the power of their function group. They get more prestige and more money. It give u a larger “case load”-> more client- >more power. It is a study states that in time of depression, if u seek help from close family mem (wisdom of ages) works better than if u seek professional help. Frank fredi worked in this field, he said we live in culture all professional guys are trying to break u down. Health activist, Child activist & religion all scare us. Environmentalist -their intention is to frighten pple, when u do that u give them the power. James Cameron director of avatar – he stresses social development is harmful for aboriginal pple (e.g oil sands). Aboriginal thousands of them work in oil sands and they make a lot of money. aboriginal pple is involved in oil sand planning. When u scare pple, u control pple. Davis and Moore in support stratification – support equality. It’s universal, ubiquitous and found everywhere. So wht they argue as functionalist stratification is that you must perform positive role for society. Stratification is necessary for well ordered society. The functional necessity includes how do u motive and place them in certain circuit. You gonna instill desire in them to pursue certain position. U get these pple to carry responsibilities faithfully, so some position are more better than other. Some requires special talent. Special tale
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