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SOCA01 Lec 3 (May 31) Bcz=because Pple=people Lang=language Pop=population Mem=members CULTURE - Culture tends to be arbitrary - Ethnocentrism- arbitrary nature of culture can lead to those ethnocentrism - In Sparta, they do infantism where they kill the baby if no reflexes seen since the he can’t go on to become a militant. - We are product of our culture - Pple are socially constructed. Babies are known to be TABOLA RASA(empty slate) and culture is put on that slate - Branch of sociology –looks @ genetic inheritance - We are made of little of nature and most part is nurture - 65% female university students today due to change in culture - Insects are driven by intrinsic (driven by biology to act in certain way) - Big cats (as we go up hierarchy) ->There are more products of nurture. - Humans are Bipedal  nature +nurture. So when we find Feral children -> nobody taught them how to walk hence they remain unresponsive to any stimulus - Human lang is best ex of symbols - All cultures have values, belief ,norms, some are old traditions other are more modern - We have to develop values that we can generalize to all culture - All cultures try to maintain morality to new arrivals - Cultures can diff immensely but they all try to develop system - In Canada, values are most inclusive (most Canadians share the same values) - Most Canadians share: liberty, equality before the law & equity of opportunity. - Freedom of speech is never absolute - Before the law: ex Bill Clinton lied under oath that he didn’t committed prudery. So he was impeded. - Freedom of religion practice and ideology - There are values from French enlightenment & England common law tradition. Sometimes values are captured by human right in Canadian constitution. - Smoking and driving is not a right but privilege - Belief are less widely shared, values are more likely shared. - Freedom of conscience (political or religious) Political Religion BCOC Muslims Liberals Hinduism NDP Christianity Conservatism Green - One’s vote is considered same as anyone’s else in the city - Pluralistic-diff political parties, diff religions and so on - Freedom of conscious also means we agree to disagree - “Sun”, “Global Mail” are “Conservative newspapers”->were happy on Harper’s winning - “Star” is liberal newspaper - Norm governs mundane routine - Norms and morns are concentric guide. Norms prescribe conduct. They also prohibit center type of behavior. pple prescribe or proscribe. - Norms can vary widely in plural
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