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SOCA01- Lec 04 Lang=language Diff=different or difference - Taboos- strictest norm possible, sanctions against taboos are v. strong e.g. incest, serial murder, serial rape, pedophilia. - Paul Barnado- convicted of serial rape and murder –he is in protective custody –special wing for sex offenders - Jeffery Dahmer killed 16 boys and was involved in cannibalism - Adultery- Ex Tiger Woods, Jesse James and Arnold Schwarzenegger cheated on his wife Maria Shriver - 70% pple against adultery in Canada All cultures have STATUS (defines position) - e.g. male vs female, father vs mother, many kinship stages or kinship network (give u your position) in relation to other pple - Marital Status , divorce , separated, widow and widower - Marriage ring tells pple the status - Importance depends on circumstances e.g history, religion etc. - Religion status is not so imp. Ethnic is a little imp - Ireland-if you are Protestantism or Catholic , then you are imp - In Afghanistan, ethnic group is imp - Race can be imp in country like Guinea- where exist the diff in Blacks and South Asians - Social class measures education, occupation and income, “Master Status” - Role is dynamic aspect of status, we play roles but we occupy status - Culture expects certain status to behave in diff ways. It has changed over past 25-30 yrs but it’s still expected that if you are male then you dress like a man and vice versa if you are women - Social pressure and sanctions (can be formed or informal). Role expectation applies to all including police man, professors, lawyer etc. STATUS & ROLE SET - We are assigned multiple roles. We can’t just play one role (son/daughter) - Prof can be a father, uncle, son etc. Prof have 3 fold role set: 1) Teaching 2) Administration 3) Publishing * most imp- “publish or perish” - Culture expect us to play role properly - “Role model” plays the role that all around should be e.g Rean Riski ???-great hockey player, was general manager , couch of the team, was never divorced and lived with wife and four children - ROLE Conflict: Multiple status + Role 1) Son 2) Father 3) Friend 4) Accountant - ROLE STRAINS Peers ->YOU
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