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Mc Kinon

SOCA01 Lec 7 RAPE - Figures from investigation of rape shows that victim most of the time know the rapists and it’s unlikely that the attack is going to come from a stranger Family related hate is common; also a paradox - family helps but they can hinder as well - Date rape is an example - Aquatinted rape –parties know each other - In educational institution, @ work, religious institution where “hang take place” - settings people are much more likely to report rape when stranger did it than when somebody of their own. This is bcz of stigma attach to rape (blaming the victim). Stigma is attached to pple in society and it can be used for ethnicity, race, gender etc. - Rape shield law protects the identify of raped victim - Pseudonym- or Jane Due- so they don’t know who the victim is - It can be difficult to prove rape (that could be another reason why less victims report it) - A lot of “he said she said “in the trail. Ex. Kobe Bryant- he said no, she said yes. He settled the matter out of court – charges were withdrawal by victim. - Ex. David Copperfield – victim withdrew the charge but if it would have gone to court, there would be a lot of “he said, she said”. Talk news shows cover everything –they are “head talking”. Exploiting others misfortune - Mike Tyson- women charge him & later she wrote a book. PORNOGRAPH - Can cause a sexual arousal; sexually explicit material. Difficult to define - Legal system says that pornography is legal but obscenity is illegal. In Canada, communities decide if something is obscene. If somebody said that this obscene, and police agrees, the case is taken to judge & jury and then they decide - In town, more traditional people lives than in city so they find most things very obscene. It is difficult to determine when material passes the line - Erotica-sexual stimulated material crosses the live to obscenity ex play boy - Obscenity- sex involves violence, assault & rape. It also involves humiliating people. - Bestiality- sex of homo sapiens with non homo sapiens - Pedophilia is a taboo- visits websites that are obscene. If police finds out, they confiscate your computer. - It is a popular pass time. - It is influenced by technology. Tech is advanced- you can download this stuff and it is becoming raunchier. - 25 billion per year business in US & Canada - Conservative religion group against pornography especially Christianity. - Feminist also opposes pornography but feminist is split on this issues. Some say it is “sex positive” while other say it exploit women. Women are shown as sex object. - They generally say it’s harmful to society. More immorality, divorce, premarital sex, illegitimacy, adultery. - Research says ambiguous- majority of people compartmentalize yet some instances sexual predators are addicted - Feminist say women are shown powerless - Big female porn stars- make billions, their faces are recognized and are very popular - Almost no males in this industry- and if they are then they are like wall papers- perform their function and then fade - Female porn star choose who they wanna have sex with PROSITUTION - Prostitution- selling of sexual activity- ancient profession of all - found in Greece, Rome, Egypt, Syria- all ancient civilization - 70% pple says in US they have seen a hooker at least once in their life - Person seeking sexual services- John- gets prosecuted - Strings operations- female police of
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