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SOCA01H3 Lecture Notes - Heterosis, Incest Taboo, Common-Law Marriage

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SOCA01 Lec 9
Ascribed status is present in traditional societies. If you are a peasant then you’ll remain a peasant & it
doesn’t matter how much smart u are. Usually in modern societies we don’t count on somebody’s status
but it’s ur performance as an individual. General trend of modern society is based on personal
achievements. You can become successful in business (that’s an achieved status).
Entertainment- RUSHED rock band (third best band) they achieved wht they had. In closed society, tend
to use ascription. An open and mobile society, u use achievement to evaluate pple.
McClelland- book called achieving society. Modern societies are relatively open, traditional societies are
relatively closed.
Social class is all about inequality. Equality seems to be a great idea but unfortunately we won’t like if
we are evaluated on the same level as high school diploma pple. Even socialist society has not achieved
equality (they r not even close). But it remains a dream & understated.
Education (related to income)
Occupation (related to education)
Income (related to occupation)
These things are all interrelated. They form ur class position in society.
We take a random sample. & we try to put pple in classes. Ex 1500 pple can be put in following
1--------5(lower class) 6 ---------15(working class) 16 -----------25(middle class) 26-------------30(upper class)
Occp 1----------->10
Educ 1----------> 10
Income 1-------->10
Definition of stratification: time process by which people categories range of pple are on the basis of
socially differentiated characteristics is known as social stratification.
- Occp we score by achievement.
- Convention in sociology says four classes. Where u are gonna draw a line - Play God. This type of
sociology is not interested in individual so it is called social aggregates.
- We see statistical differences when we compare classes or social aggregates.
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- Working class kids live in intellectually impoverished than the middle class.
- Working class watches Nancy grace.
- Wrestling WWE is also watched by working class audience.
- If u live in intellectually impoverish society then u listen to diff kind of tv shows, diff books, diff
political views & remain unexposed to other stimulus.
- Middle class parent help their kids to do homework and encourage achieving things
- Social class is imp. Childhood socialization and educational diff are main between classes.
Consequence of social class:
- Quality of life is related to life chances.
- The quality inc if u move up the class. Money is not the object when it comes to medical
- General mortality or child mortality is higher between lower class and working class.
- You are more likely to suffer from mental disorder if on lower end.
- Scitzopherania, neurosis or psychosis they all tend to cluster in lower hierarchy. It might be due
to lack of concern to health issues or lack of knowledge.
- Fatalism little control over their life is pronounced in lower social orders.
- The lower social order has poor dietary habits e.g junk food, classic coke and potatoes.
- There is no evidence that organic food is healthier than any other food. ex E.coli break out in
- More care and safety regulation in upper class. Working class pple smoke more. It’s becoming
socially unacceptable in upper class. It’s largely bcz it’s a health danger.
- Some working class pple do hard drugs e.g crack, ecstasy, heroin, cocaine, meth
(Methamphetamine), and heavy alcohol use.
- Carpal tunnel syndrome- caused by typing too much; also a concern among working class.
- Work force is largely blue collar e.g. mining, coal mining, construction, logging timber, fishing.
- Life style & consumption patterns also vary by class.
- If u are working for big company, you shud take some social stratification related courses so u
can learn about other class’s consumption.
- Leisure time activity is lower as you go down the hierarchy. Some lower class hold on to three
jobs at a time so no leisure time. Their holidays are more economical.
- Finally political involvement e.g taking part in community activity is low among working class.
- Lower order is not gonna get involved in voluntary services.
Voluntary org:
Chamber of commerce
Ethnic based org
Student clubs or association here at Utsc
Loyal under of the moose
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