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SOCA01 – Lec 10 Lectures on final 1) Sexuality 2) Stratification 3) Families 5) Health Functionalist tends to see the families too optimistically. They don’t see them paradoxically as it can be nice and nasty. Japan has been pretty close to nuclear family. Most wealth goes to elder kin. But in west, it is mostly split up. In 1917 20% Japanese women have not married by age of 30. Most married before 30. Today it’s around 40% of Japanese women have not married by age of 30. Too much patriotically in Japanese society. University graduate women usually go through life solo; some men go for matriarchy which usually leads to Marriage settlements. Ex. Tiger wood’s marriage settlement -> Wife left him & demanded bigger price in return. These settlements are often decided by men. Men could be looking for support payments after the division of all property & asserts with his wife. In modern society, we become more self centered (more “me”) and thus less inclined to looking at marriage. Family not only reproduces human being but produces equality. Living alone is much more expensive than living in family. The idea is “How do u cook for one person?” U buy from outside hence it is a costly option. Higher divorce rate is because there is being a power relation between men and women. Women are not stuck in marriage as they use to be. Women have far more equality in capitalist society than in communism society. Hence the idea that “communism leads to equality” according to Engel’s claim might not be true. You inherit your class from your parents. 70% uni students come from middle class. In all societies you can find a division of labor among males and females. The division is reduced in capitalistic society. According to professor, in WWI thousands of men went to Europe for fight which produces labor shortage. So “Who is gonna fill those positions? “Women did. A famous quote is that “how can they(women) go back to farm once they have seen the Paris (in our case full time employment)”. Later came out a suffragette movement- women got the vote. Same thing happened in WWII million of men goes over sees, women filled their position. Guys came back home and women lose their jobs. Two world wars created condition of female equality. Greater advances in surgery happened during world war. Easy accessibility to practice surgical procedure. Marriage control goes in both directions. Most men have sexual relationship with women. Women have major responsibility of house hold. In Canada, married couple would have at least one child. Family perpetuates racial ethnicity. Pple want to marry other that look like them. Not just family produces class, it produces race and ethnicity. As far as family go, people are endogamous. Exogamy – people tend to marry like themselves. In modern day, there is intermarriage. E.g Japanese Canadian 65% do intermarriage. Caucasian tends to intermarry as well. What can replace the family? In Russia, after the victory of communism, savory union has abolished the family. If family is not gonna raise children, can government do it on a complete scale? Not really possible. Human needs long physical contact (earlier study). Although they savage the traditional family, savory union has changed its mind after 5 years. Conflict and feminist type like multiculturalism. U cant love multiculturalism when done politically, but hate it when it’s family. There is a contradiction. Marriage is a place where family imposes greater strings on women for house work. What conflict types don’t mention is that domestic division of labor is arrived by both husband and wife decision People have deep seated want to know. Who am I? what are my roots and where I came from? All wanna know who is their biological parents. Many adopted kids spend their entire life thinking who is their biological parents. Many of these adopted kids form a “lobby group”, the intention is to force the sperm banks to reveal the identity of person who donated the sperm. These days the guy who donate sperm is under strict anonymity. Government has told these groups that if we reveal the identity of men, they will not donate their sperm in future. This shows that we have deep emotional connection with biological parents. “Blood is thicker than water”. See movie Blade runners. Stages of Family life: Two types of marriages: Each fits in particular form of society or culture. Pre industrial world- arranged marriage: is alliance in classical sense. These families have similar social standing e.g. prestige, ethnicity, power, wealth. Arrangements are made on behalf of children. In 19 th century, where society was mostly agriculture, marriages were typically arranged. Two parties come together or third party comes along e.g marriage manager who arranges the meeting. Modern world- Love marriage – began with industrialization. Extended family is replaced by nuclear family. Nuclear family – made up of husband wife & children; extended family lives somewhere else. Nuclear replaces the extended. As nuclear families form, love marriage began to appear. Some say that love marriage is consistent with democracy. Nevertheless, the emergences of labor markets also lead to love marriage. Afte
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