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SOCA01 – Lec 11 Cond=condition The younger u are more likely u are gonna get divorced. That is the time when romantic love is at its peak. Financial resources are major cause of divorce. Lower SES more likely to get divorce. Marriage bcz of pregnancy or “short gun” marriage also end up with divorce. Daughter gets pregnant that dad goes to boyfriend with short gun. Alcohol and substance abuse also result into a lot of divorce. Pple who are not religious are likely to get divorce. Pple who are religious will stick out. When both parties are successful, divorce is more likely gonna happen since relationship takes a lot of commitment. These pple are more dedicated to a cause ex: “calling”, that means less time for relationship. Pple think if they divorce first time, they will figure out how to make second marriage successful. But unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. It becomes a habit eventually. You become worse by living with other person. Divorce is 45-50% for first marriage – fewer than second marriage. pple who get divorce get remarried. Half of all marriages in Canada are remarriage at least for one of the parties. 4-5% total remarries in Canada. It creates blended family. Husband brings his children to the marriage. Wife brings her’s. Blended marriages are tough. You don’t want ur natural parents to order u around; hence a stranger’s order is out of the ques. Thus they face more conflicts. One party will be like she is picking on me while other party will say the same in return. Children don’t like their step parents telling them wht to do. Health and Medicine Health and illness have objective component to them. Mental illness is not that clear cut. If u are a women, u can have a haps mere test –“test looking for cancer cells” . Men can get a prostate cancer test. That is an objective test. When we get into matter of mental health, it is not so clear whether pple are being objective or not. Inc in medicalization to deviance Medical cond is being used to explain deviant behavior. In earlier era, deviant were called criminals. People living in society would tie u around the tree. It uses to be defined as bad than sick. The definition of deviance changed over time. Deviance is coming under sway of psychiatric establishment. Old sovereign believe state is absolute center of power. If u deviate u are insane. Psychiatry was the arm of the state. Rufusniks dissidents (someone who disagrees) – psychiatry can be used that way bcz emotional / mental problems. We really don’t know wht the mental illness is. How can u connect chemical in the brain with strange behavior? The connection is not clear. In the past, if u were drug addict or alcoholic u will be called “morally weak”. Or you may be punished. Today u go to detox center or detoxification. If you are grown to violent rage (e.g. anger management problem), in the past u will be called “hot heads” . They will give u methadone to get u off the drug. Drug addiction is something that we don’t fully understand. Freud used cocaine for about 12 years. Wht Freud noticed is that drugs clouded his ability to think clearly. It was interfering with his work. He quitted. Many military men came back from Vietnam War. They were hocked on drug stuff. After settling down in a diff environment, they gave up drugs. In the past, u were responsible for ur deviant behavior, now they will medicalize that condition. In the past disruptive boys were held responsible for their behavior problem, today these kids are medicated. If you are disruptive in class, then u r not responsible, ur condition is responsible ( e.g. Attention deficient disorder ADD). Metal illness – labeling and delabelling to a certain condition. If u say somebody has mental disorder that’s a label. If u take off the label of that mental disorder it is called delabelling. Interest groups are used to get things change (according to the way they wanna change). U belong to uni students of Canada. Students get the Lobby provincial government to lower the tuition fee. Ex in 1974 homo sexuality was considered a psychiatric disorder. It was considered that for more than a century. APA changed their mind on homo sexuality. Interest group destigmatizes or delabels these conditions. So wht use to be considered mental illness becomes normal according to psychiatric community. Incidentally, DSM (diagnostic statistical manual of disorder) removed homo sexuality as a disorder. Why did they change it ? Could it be : medical new treatment? Wonder drug? Disappeared? None of these. Homo sexuality was more out of the closet. Men had to hide their inclination otherwise society will punish them for those inclinations. Pple declare their sexuality more after 1974.DSM lists all the disorder that one need to be genuine. No scientific findings here. Cancer cells can be identified. U can’t do that with mental illness. Neurosis – 1978 DSM task force decided they are going to eliminate neurosis (this disorder make some pple feel secure in life e.g excessive cleanliness or fetish of organization, phobias of flying or crossing bridges or going outside , these pple can’t stop). Being in control of something make us feel better e.g writing down notes from books that is already written. Neurosis is imp to psychoanalytics. Psychiatric use usually drug therepy. Neurosis is a key part of their diagnosis. Psychoanalysis said they will block the publication of DSM. “You are gonna take *neurosis+ out of dsm we are gonna sue u”. psychiatric left it in there. Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)- initially applied to Vietnam war veterans. When they returned, they had problem adjusting. This makes sense. Several years of going for patrolling, it is completely alienated environment. Veteran always has problem ad
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