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Published on 16 Oct 2011
Socialization – is the learning of knowledge, skills, motivations & identities as our
genetic potential interacts w/ our social env’t
- how culture is transmitted & acquired
- social determinism – important social facts in making human beings
- social forces shape the way we act, feel
- social programming
- begins at birth and continues through life
- shaped by where you are
The Self & Socialization
-in the course of socialization, one develops a self awareness of ideas &
attitudes about one’s personal & social identity
- among the important early theorists who analyzed the development of the
self are Freud, Piaget, Cooley & Mead
Patterns of Socialization
-include language, values, responsibilities, social class
Socialization & biology
- cultures determines your diet
- aspect of socialization
- primary socialization begins with birth
- is critical for the production of a well balanced, emotionally stable individual in
adult life
- primary is more important than secondary
- secondary socialization is when there are diff influences in a child’s life
-children are exposed to kiddie culture
Agents of socialization
- significant others
- great influence on you
- family, school, peer groups & mass media
- peer groups – most important social influence in your life
-coca colonization – American popular culture spread across the globe
-soft power – influencing ppl
-hard power – military power
The Mass Media
- a passive, impersonal means of receiving & transmitting info
-sometimes diff agents carry the same message - continuity
-discontinuity – creates role strain/conflict
Peer Groups
- similar age & status
- important b/c tradition & inner conviction are fading as significant guides to
- also important b/c parents aren’t able to supply info to become successful in
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