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University of Toronto Scarborough
Sheldon Ungar

Class: Lecture: Instructor: Date: LECTURE NOTES - POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER PSYCH VS. Psychology stance: Sociology stance SOCIOLOGY Suicide = individual issue. Suicide = sociological imagination Sociological Perspective: Suicide appears to be anti-social / individual act. SOCIOLOGY'S Suicidal thoughts = momentary impulse. STANCE ON Rise of suicides in Cda = social changes in society. SUICIDE. If suicide were just the result of individual depression or mental illness, they would not vary systematically by group & time. Administrative Decisions & Suicide Rates PROBLEMS  Changes in recording death certificates can't record accidental suicides eg: jump infront of train /car WITH  Different countries record suicide differently COUNTING SUICIDES  Now count children suicides. DURKHEIM showed that suicide rates: SUICIDE 1. decrease w/ social solidarity 2. increase w/ anomie FINDINGS Social Solidarity - ties that bind us to other ppl. SOCIAL Social change = producer of anomie (normlessness) SOLIDARITY &  anomie occurs after life changes (eg: new jobs, getting fired, divorced, illness & death) ANOMIES. SUICIDE: applying social solidarity & anomie to society. 1. Rural = more social solidarity = friendly ppl & they expect to talk to you Urban = more anomie = recession, competiveness 2. Protestant = more individual (less social solidarity) Catholics = priest to guide you (more social solidarity) APPLYING 3. Non-Aboriginal - ANOMIE & Aboriginal - broken society / culture (less social solidarity) SOCIAL 4. Old ppl = less social solidarity / more anomie SOLIDARITY TO SOCIETY anomies = friends died or too sick, families moved, retired & death of spouse. Young ppl = more social solidarity 5. Us Military = (more anomie) wars = PTSD, lack of social support & anomie (no jobs / lack of medical care after war) Civilians = (more social solidarity) MEN = social solidarity ↓ anomie ↑ (don't talk about everything) MEN VS. WOMEN WOMEN = more social solidarity = keep families together & family oriented / have close friends. SOCIOLOGY'S Auguste Comte = Social laws equivalent to laws of nature. FATHER FUNCTIONALISM: (functions or benefits for society as a whole) FUNCTIONALISM (DURKHEIM) Shared values in society contribute to keeping society together (social stability) Successful socialization = critical for stability EXAMPLES: VIEWING FUNCTIONALISM like a body - each part of body part is important = one part is not the most important. like lego pieces - they connect togeth
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