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Sheldon Ungar

SOCA01H3Lecture 7 Chapter 05 Social InteractionWhat is Social InteractionSocial interactioncreation of a novel way for people to communicate face to face or via computer acting and reaction in relation to each other Ie flight attendants were usually male along with all other positions When the government began to tightly regulate all control of transatlantic flights such as types of food number of passengers and such Airlines who wanted to stand out started to change the one thing they could and that was hiring female flight attendants and marketing them as glamorous sex objects to lure in male clientele Social interactions were structured around specific statuses roles and normsStatus Status refers to a recognized social position an individual can occupy Flight attendants and passengers occur distinct statuses Each person can occupy several statuses ie an individual can be a flight attendant a wife and a mother at the same timeStatus set is the entire ensemble of statuses occupied by an individualAscribed status is an involuntary status ie daughter Achieved status is a voluntary status ie flight attendantMaster status is an individuals overriding public identity It is the status that is most influential in shaping that persons life at a given time RolesRoles are sets of expected behaviors People occupy statuses they perform roles ie people occupying status of flight attendant have to play several rolesinflight server safety expert and etc In role of server flight attendants expected to deliver snacks to passengers in friendly way while in role of safety expert theyre expected to be efficientRole set is the entire cluster of roles attached to a single status NormsNorms are generally accepted ways of doing things and there are two types 1 Prescriptive norms suggest what person is expected to do while performing particular role1
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