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Lecture 4

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Sheldon Ungar

Lecture 4- Sept 26, 2013 Look at the slide show for the lecture When doing research • once you formulate a question o review the literature (not trying to reinvent the wheel) o select a theoretical approach o select a method Social learning theory • we learn from observing others • people imitate behaviour of models o use similar other o use successful models Phllips' Suicide Study • if a celebrity kills themselves, people were 14 times more likely to do it too • looked at front page suicides in Cali o and daily motor vehicle fatalities (before and after publicized suicide) • 3 days after the publicized suicide, the motor vehicle fatalities go up Research Design • trinagulate design o use more than one research design and end up getting the same results, it will help solidify the eidence • correlation design o measure TV violence  longitudinal content analysis of TV  random sample of TV shows  what years  what shows  how do you measure aggression?  physical vs. verbal? o changes in definitions  from rape to sexual assault • longitudinal counts of crime rates • natural experiment o best type of experiment o experimental group an
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