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Lecture 5

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Lecture 5- October 3, 2013 • social cohesion o one of the examples of failure is multiculturalism  some cultures are totally segregated • refugees o 2 million o 4 million internal refugees  people who have not left their country but cannot go to their home 123 • social order o civilisattion a veneer, readily break down o mtl police strike  within 1 hr, the banks closed, airprt, taxis,  later in the day, the protest turned political... protest targets English • disorder o permanent  Afghanistan  Russian invasion, 1979-1988  after the soviets give up:  Taliban rule  civil war, clan loyalties, war lords  totalitarian order  US-led invasion, 2001 on  Second Congo War, 1988 on  aka 3rd world war  involves 8 african nations  over 5 million dead  most frequent targeet: women, weapon is rape o intermittent  France, Greece  labour disputes, strikes  problem of austerity  student protests  lmited, do not threaten society  China  problems that create disorder e.g. environment, loss of land and housing (people are losing land and homes)  urban rural gap-poor are getting poorer and rich are getting richer  soldiers return to civilian life, cannot find jobs o rare  9/11  Canada-October crises /FLQ (took 2 hostages and Trudeau declared the wars measures act which takes away civil liberty)..."just watch me" • problem of social control on a more daily level o how do we get people to conform to social norms? o Drivers in Russia (St. Petersburg)  don't obey the rules of the road and look down on you if you do • pass a "law" that people don't accept: disobey plus organized resistance o limits to imposing order on people o prohibition  symbolic politics  pass rules that look as if something being done  almost certain to be ineffective  seeking to impose standards on immigrants  Volstead Act, 1919  prohibit intoxicating beverages  society split in two, as drinkers resist the law
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