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Lecture 10

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Sheldon Ungar

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Lecture 10- November 14, 2013 • differentiation vs. evaluation o differentiation (eye colour, hair colour) o evauluation: treat them differently and rank them e.g. rank countires • social stratification is the way valued resources - wealth, power, prestige are distributed o and transmitted from one generation to the next Max Weber • had 3 hierarchies: class, prestige, power • class o income/wealth (boils down to) o difference between income and wealth: o life chances • prestige o status groups; deference and respect  less important now (lifestyle has more power now) o lifestyle • power o capacity to attain one's goals despite opposition • class o wealth (in the past, wealth was more important)  possessions such as land or houses  super rich depend most on wealth o income  rich aare taking up more of the wealth (top 400 families in US had millions all together, now have billions)  society is getting richer (but mostly to the rich) o inequality in wealthh and income in Canada and other western ccountries has increased since the early 1970s  vs. redistribution • prestige o recognition/deference  who waits for who? you ait for the dr. or does the dr. wait for you  lifestyle o past:  had status groups  exclude others o identified with dress and activities (sometimes it was illegal to dress the way the better was dressed)  now, we can't really identify them that way (can't guarantee if they are wealthy or not) o blue blood, born into (family name)  born into superiority  aristocrats did not work o we don't have rrecognizable groups of people with status now  sociology: socioeconomic sttatus: "SES"-used to measure class  originally have random samples of people rate various occupations o now predict scores by combination of education and income  prestige of certain occupations maatches level of prestige worldwide o lifestyle  aristocracy were "visible"  differentiated, segregated status group  purely on birth or mmarriage  get displaced by the middle class (aristocrats became poorer)  now, status is less visible (lots of people have nice cars)  hence conspiccuous consumption  luxury services  e.g. • power o capacity to attain one''s goals despite opposition (get what you want) o different from authority: legitimate ppower (usually linked to roles,, especialy occupational) o e.g. person who puts gun to your head and demands money= power, police telling you what
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