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Lecture 12

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Sheldon Ungar

Lecture 12-November 28, 2013 entertainment elite • highly linked to elections • programs (fundraisers e.g. starvation campaigns) judicial elite • US Supreme Court is extremely important e.g. gay rights, abortion etc. religious elite • in most wesstern democracies, they are less powerful because of the separation of church and state labour elite • much less powerful in North America How open are they (the diff. types of elites?) • military is the most closed elites o top admirals and generals come from a military family • bureaucratic o open because accepting of French canadaians to keep Quuebec happy • judicial o more closed (long process) • entertainment o sports are very open Elite power: Pluralist Model • elites have different interests o get shifting coaliions o power is dispersed • veto power o not working as a conspiracy, have to come to an agreement to work together Power-elite model • elites have similar interests o coordinate actions o power is concentrated • a ruling conspiracy (or class) o the power elite • e.g. guatamala o farming elite and Catholic Church and military dictatorship =all formed a ruling class Measures of power • affect tax structure • tax on corporations has gone down and tax on individuals pay more (gone up) o corporations have a certain power over governments Response to US financial crash, 2008 • government bails out major banks o "too big to fail" • Dodd-Frank Act o complex  passed, but regulations not enacted  not limit firm size • No prosecuutions of CEOs etc o illegal acts were not tried • *banks had tto be saved b/c would affect the economy JP Morgan Chase • fined 12 billion for misleadiing mtg sales o sold off mtgs as if they were safe, but they were highly risky o despite this, it is the largest bank in the US and has tripled in size in the past 10 years  reason why it came back: Coordinated actions of elites? • looked at connections with each other o families inheritance:  old money, blue blood o education  prep and private schools  elite universities "legacy" positions o social clubs  exclusive and private  e.g. golf clubs (hhad to get voted in) o endogamy  proper marriages (fixed marriages)  combine fortunes o interlocks  boards of directors  (end up having connections together) Problem of showing coordination • similar backgrounds etc. not decisive o may be similar, but interests vary by command post  perhaps only temporary coaalitions? • need evidence from o conversations o plans • *need those evidence in order to know that they conspire together Poverty • canada does not have an official line for poverty • low income is only way of measuring poverty (read slide on this) US • official poverty line i
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