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4 Dec 2010
Families Sociology
Lecture # 7
Traditional Family:
x Wife works at home without pay
x Husband works outside the home for pay
x Traditional Nuclear Family (minority)
o vPµooÇ]vP]vZíõðì[
x Moral entrepreneur- sell ideas that are moral to society
x According to moral entrepreneurs:
o Marriage rates are decreasing
o ]À}]v]vP~ZÀµooÇvZo]vZôì[
Consequence: larger # of children are being raised outside the traditional
families (many are raised by single parents)
50% of Canadian children spend some time with a single parent before the age
of 18.
Clever family (sitcom) about a traditional nuclear family Æ 1st marriage
o 50% of marriages end up in divorce
o All wealth accumulated during divorce must be split 50-50 at divorce
x Serial monogamy: Multiple marriages (one after another)
o Popular for people with lots of $
o Divorce can be very expensive for people without $
x In 1901:
o 70% married with children
o 17% married without
x Today, common law set ups is more popular
x The Ontario government sees people in a common law situation as a type of marriage now
x Support payments if split up
*McKinnon knew a guy in a common law situation where he lived with a common law partner but kept
Moral: Be aware, be safe.
x Crucial for society
x Society could not survive without families
x Various functions of family provides society
x Families are the most basic fundamental units of society
Functions of family:
x Economic cooperation
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Families Sociology
x Legitimate sexual activity
x Primary socialization
x Integrated society
x Incest Taboo
x Marriages outside the family, reason: form alliances
x 1970:
o 20% not married
o Today, 30% not married
o Women are more independent and can support themselves
x Japan- Fertility problem
o One of the lowest birth rates
o Trouble maintaining population levels
o Patriarchs
o Does not practice immigration to the same degree as Canada.
o Men staying away from marriage as well b/c court law bias against husbands during
divorce cases
Virtually automatic that children stay with mother. (custody- female)
o Women also have independent careers and can sustain themselves. They are no longer
as reliant on men or tied down to them as they once were.
x Tiger woods:
o Bad role model
o Wife gave him the boot (Filed divorce papers in Sweden)
x Economic Cooperation:
o Dvvt}uv[l
1) Socializing children/ regulating sexual activity
o Families integrate children in society too so they can one day become independent
o But today, kids become independent of family later b/c it takes longer to finish their
o Siblings also help socialize children
o Sexual activity regulated to maintain kinship groups
o Z]ov]vZ]v[}Ç~'}Àvuv}vols estate of people w/o wills)
How is sexual activity regulated in kinship?
x Incest Taboo (Varies from culture to culture)
x Ex: Navaho: Matrilineal descent system
o Cannot have relationships with people from mothers side
o Vice Versa in patrilineal descent system
x We have a bilateral descent system
o Like the Métis (French and Aboriginal)
o In our bilateral system the incest taboo applies to close relatives (parents, grandparents,
siblings, aunts varies culturally uncles and sometimes first cousins)
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Families Sociology
o Ex: Ancient Egypt & Incas allowed sibling marriages in Royal families to maintain blood
Is the incest taboo nurture OR nurture?
x Diseases caused by recessive genes are more likely to occur when relatives marry Æ Nature
x Reduces competition within families Nurture
x Out marriage forms alliances & improves social standing
2) Provides children w/ identity and emotional security
x Family is particularistic
o Particularistic: solidarity is based on parents accepting you unconditionally for who
you are
x Affect: (Family) treated emotionally
x Vs. Society which evaluates people impersonally
x dZ(}ÁvZu}]}voµ]Ç~Æ/[uÁ}ZÁZ]o}À]Ç(u]oÇ(}Á
go out into harsh judgemental societies
o ^&u]oÇ]ZÀv]vZo}]Ç_
x Hispanic: more longevity b/c of tighter family network
Conflict and Feminist Theory:
x Not friends to traditional nuclear family
x &u]oÇ^}]ooÇ}µ_]vµo]Ç
x Engels: Believed that traditional nuclear family emerged from inequality and that it creates
x Feminists disagree when Engels suggest communism as a solution for inequality
x Capitalists are least patriarchal
x Patriarchy is more deeply rooted in economic, military and cultural history than allowed by
Marxist theories
Gender Revolution intensified with:
x Rising Divorces rates
x Women have more control over reproduction
x Romantic love as bases for marriages
x Intermarriage: people marry outside of their group
o Conflict theorists see this as good a thing
x Russia abolished marriage
o Eventually reintroduced
o Children need to be socialized
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