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Mc Kinon

Families Sociology Lecture # 7 Traditional Family: N Wife works at home without pay N Husband works outside the home for pay N Traditional Nuclear Family (minority) o L2oo Z]L2Z]L Z[Z N Moral entrepreneur- sell ideas that are moral to society N According to moral entrepreneurs: o Marriage rates are decreasing o ]} Z]L Z]L2~Z ooLZZoZ]L Z[Z Consequence: larger # of children are being raised outside the traditional families (many are raised by single parents) 50% of Canadian children spend some time with a single parent before the age of 18. Clever family (sitcom) about a traditional nuclear family 1 marriage o 50% of marriages end up in divorce o All wealth accumulated during divorce must be split 50-50 at divorce N Serial monogamy: Multiple marriages (one after another) o Popular for people with lots of $ o Divorce can be very expensive for people without $ N In 1901: o 70% married with children o 17% married without N Today, common law set ups is more popular N The Ontario government sees people in a common law situation as a type of marriage now N Support payments if split up *McKinnon knew a guy in a common law situation where he lived with a common law partner but kept Z]Z}LZ]L :@Z]Zoo}Z]K}2]ZZoZZZL[]L }KK}Loo]}LZZ]: Moral: Be aware, be safe. Functionalism: N Crucial for society N Society could not survive without families N Various functions of family provides society N Families are the most basic fundamental units of society Functions of family: N Economic cooperation
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