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L2 Culture: In order to justify the existence of sociology as a sperate field of study Durkheim needed to prove that social forces exist that they do indeed influence on sucicde Durkheim found this society has its own existence separate from biology, psych what Durk wanted to do was find the social side of human beings so his studies of sucide located that social sucide finding that justification Culture - What Is It: A collection of Social forces that surround us the most general thing we can say about These forces manifest outside and inside us Internal social forces are called constains bc they hold you back from doing certain things is the sum of ideas, practices, and material objects that people create to deal with real-life problems. Material objects are material culture Each culture consists of material objects The most important material object in our culture is money Two Faces of Culture paradox of culture Freer Without culture we would have no idea what free is Constrain Our lives are increasingly governed by the twin forces of rationalization and consumerism Rationalization is the application of the most efficient means to achieve given goals and the unintended consequences of doing so. new idea in human history Consumerism is a lifestyle that involves defining oneself in terms of the goods one purchases. (a) SOCIAL ORDER AND PREDICTABILITY When we observe any social group like a family, class or nation what we observe is that behavior is not random What It is it is patterned it is predictable Being predictable means ppl tend to conform when they are in certain types of situations Culture is the most popular wide spread pervasive social force that governs human conduct --- social forces are much stronger then cultural
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