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L3 Socialization: An essential area in sociology its all about how culture is transmistted and aquired its all about social determinince social forces shape the way you think, act, feel far more powerfully then any other factor in life its about how culture is passed on from generation to the next this is a classical example of social determinance, the importance of social facts and forces in making human beings Its about social programming its programming ppl 9K,98ZK,9L98,OO,-4:9 Put software into computer you give it instruction on how to operate, behave socialization is the software in a the human computer --- thankfully its easier to programme computer then humans in our world its difficult longest trip ppl made in their lives was 5 miles Socialization allows our genetic potential to be met Socialization interacts with our genetic potential and social envrioment Socialization is all about how the cultural pouring into the tabla rasa takes place Poring never stops but it is most intense within the first few years of life Some say that socialization can begin within the womb produces a more tranquil child Elderly ppl are socialized into their life cycle How we are socialized depnds on: gender, status, where you are in the life cycle Labels to id the life cycle, infant, child, adolsences Socialization comes from the outside assimilated on the inside Culture becomes internailized through the process of socialization Socialization is the learning of knowledge, skills, motivations, and identities as our genetic potential interacts with our social environment. In the course of socialization, one develops a self or awareness of ideas and ,99L9:08,-4:94308507843,O,384.L,OL039L9 Among the important early theorists who analyzed the development of the self are Freud, Piaget, Cooley, and Mead. Cooley and mead are big on aquiring a sense of self becoming aware that your disticint and separate from the world as we develop empathy we develop an idea of others and ourselves
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