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Sexuality and Gender

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Mc Kinon

L4 Sexuality: Sociology and Sexuality: Sexual identity is a key component of what we call idenity identity are answers to the question who am I ? What is more sifnificatn sexuality or occupation 20 centuary is refresed to as the sexual century Sex came out of the closet it was no longer considered to be a taboo topic Ppl use to use code words when discussion sex and sexuality fireplace anaology when there is a fire in the fire place poker Christiainity over the years has been erotophobic pagans where not referring to non christain in the greek world greeks where comfortable and open about sexuality Greeks use to have a ceremony once a year fertility rite this was intended to improve the harvest members of the greek police would bring wine and go out into the farm field and spill their seed group orgy the idea was that the group orgy would improve the crop Freud brought sex out of the closet o The sex drive represented the foundation of other forms of behavior o Libidio located in the id o Psychoanalysis today is performed by some psychiatrist is very fruedian in its outlook this is a type of phycotherapy Towards the middle of the centurayr survey researchers began looking at sex 1. INTRODUCTION 2. THE BIOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY OF SEX (a) CHROMOSOMES male determines the sex of a child via chromsoems (b) THE BODY AS SEX the body is what sets the sexes apart primary sexual charactheristics the genitals secondary sexual charticits body differences aprt from genitals female body shape helpful for preganency and child bearing body hair deeper voice (c) HERMAPHRODITES someone that typically has male gentialy, female hips and breasts culture side sexual ambiguidy Thailand intersex has always been accespted Intersex Universal phenomen found globally
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