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SOCA01H3 Lecture Notes - Social Forces, Total Fertility Rate, Compas

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Sociology: Stratfication
Materilism, the attempt to satisfy needs by buying products or expereinces
As economic productivity grows so does the purchasing power of families
Income ineqaulity: many skills are realtive people can only devolp to the level of those to who,
they are exposed
In all devolped eocnomies the chances of advancing in educational systems has consistently
remained higher for people born itno families
Human Capital Theory: stresses the increasing centraility of education as a factor affecting
economic success. If phsyical capital is understood as investment in industrial plants and
equipment, human capital is investment ine ducation and training
The reason that people with the same amount of human capital may receive different economic
rewards is due to tehre social capital (networks nad connections)
Cultural capital: set of social skills people have their ability to impress othere to use langauge
and images effecitivly
Income vs wealth
Only vrew few families aquire the great wealth of major business enterprises.
Most families own assets and these add up to greater or lesser family wewalth (car,
appliances, savings)
Wealth ineqaulity is increasing
An absoloute defention of poverty focuses on bare essentails suggesting that poor families
have resources to aquire the basic neccesites of life.
Bare essentials depends on time to time place to place and group to group however
depends on the social context.
Low income cut off: which a family devoted larget share of its income to the ncesside of
food shelter and clothing than an average family wood = restrained circumstances
Why are canadians poor? The defention of poor os a social construction- who is poor depends
on the defention
Individual attributes explain a small amount ov poverty. For ex. People who disialibies live in
poverty live in poverty and people without dissiblities
Culture of poverty: people ar e poor because of their bad attitudes
Social organization of society; captailist based economies have booms and bust which rears
many into poverty
Global ineqaulity
The differences in the economic ranking of the countries
Cross national variations in internal stratfication: differencse in countries within their
socities ( country a and b could be eqaully rich but the rich and poor gap in inetbween
the countries)
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