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L2: Family: Extended family more ppl involved in socilizaiton Best suited for an agricultural society As agriculture declines in importance the nuclear family becomes better suited modern contemporary Better suited for the conditions of the industrial reveloution The external family is sedentary it is not made to move Nuclear family has more geographic mobility Joe Louis versus Max Schmeling Nazi racial and ethnic superiority Academics did not pave the way for racial equality infact it was the opposite eugenics we have to try to stop genticlly inferior from reproducing 1. INTRODUCTION (a) THE CHANGING FAMILY moral entrepreneurs they see the decline of the nuclear family are alarmed by the decline by the decline of the nuclear family what they do is acquire udiences and say that collapse of the nuclar family will collapse society today the marriage rate is decreasing and more ppl are choosing to live the single life divorce rates are rising 50% of candiand children will spend sometime before the age of 18 in a single family situation 2. THEORETICAL OUTLOOKS ON THE FAMILY (a) FUNCTIONALISM (i) SOCIALIZATION most important part of socialization sibiling and parents (ii) REGULATION OF SEXUAL ACTIVITY reproduction depdenable and regular gratification sexual relations are intense often socites disfavour certain forms of sexuality this urge gets repressed and the family provides an outlet for it freud the state usally favors marriage in the past the state opposed homosexuality, contraception, pushed bc of females ZK4Z,39.4397,.059L43
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