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Race and Ethnicity

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Sheldon Ungar

1. SOME KEY CONCEPTS EXAMINED (a) RACE (i) PROBLEMS WITH RACE AND BIOLOGICAL RACISM Range of skin color No pure race Background is mixed No biologically definition of race Canadians are increase mixed o Migration o Immigration o Intermarriage Biological difference btw races are trivial more biological differences within a race then btw races The biolgicaly idea of race is fiction Limb sizes Desciribn race in this arbitrary fashion causes an identy struggle (b) ETHNICITY (i) ETHNIC TRAITS (ii) INSTITUTIONAL COMPLETENESS when an ethnic community becomes self sufficient own schooltheaterscloth stores (c) THE SOCIAL SIGNIFICANCE OF RACE AND ETHNICITY .,3,L8,38439OLN09K0890728 prejudice to pre judge disctimation take action of prejudice 1965- john porter verital mosain o argued 2 groups English and French made up the elites o later arrivals faced limited upward mobility o 854L39888902 o 1890s = Americans moved to aleberta build railways and fill these area with immigrants easter Europeans o given land but started from the bottom of the hierarchy o this vertial mosaic is now question because upward mobilitis now normative however it now exists for non euorpeans (d) MAJORITY GROUPS L :+%$:$! white anglosaxian protestants roy Thompson press barren owned papers o put in 5 million north sea drilling made billion
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