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Si Symbolic interactionist these types of sociologists say that deviance is not just action or objective behavior it is the way that ppl define behavior deviance is more subjective then it is objective it lays in the eye of the beholder this being the case what we have seen is that over time the defn of deviance has changed over time and across sciencies suggesting a strong subjective element the same type of reasoning applies to health particularly mental health definitions of mental health are shaped by subjective elements so the medializing of deviance is that overtime behviaor is increasingly defined in medical terms 844;079L20ZK,9Z0;0 noticed in our hisotyr is that deviance is increasingly defined medically Chronic obesity stomach surgery dramticcly reduces the size of your stomach Today a heroin addict receive methadone this is a substitute to help you ween off the drug Ppl who did deviant activity in the past they where held accountable their was an understanding of freedom involved Famous study rat park two population of rats one rat environment has a very good environment and other population of rats have then introduce heroin to the rats if 1. LABELING AND THE MEDICALIZATION OF DEVIANCE Interest groups part of democratic process so poltics and not science is resposnbil for labeling and delabling (a) MENTAL ILLNESS (i) HOMOSEXUALITY delabed Why delabled psychiatrist where exposed to lobbying to get things changed according to their interests gay activists seeking to destigmatize come from the world of symbolic interactions stigma a negative mark mark of kane = stigma (ii) NEUROSES retained In 1978 a dsm task force attempted to have neuroses removed this is a task force led by psychiatrist they wanted to delable neurosis well psychoanalystis said to psychiatrists if you try we will sue you and block the printing of the DSM so the apa 8,LZ0439Z,39974:-O0 decided to keep neurocis (iii) POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER labeled 1974 Vietnam 54,000 american died the returning vets had a great deal of trouble adjusting to civialn life orginial motorcycle gangs set up by returning vets from WW2 vets not received warmly
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