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Family Terms

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A moral entrepreneur is a person who seeks to influence a group to adopt or maintain a
The Cleaver Model ± the traditional nuclear fam- dad works mom stays at home
incest taboo ± regular sexuality ± function of family
matrilineal Navajo ± tracing decent through the mother
Bilateral ± trace decent through both mother and father
Here the incest taboo apply to both side of the family ± parents brother sister ± few
exceptions to this rule ± Egyptian/ Incan/ Hawaiian ± brother sister marriages ± to keep
the blood line of ruling marriages pure ---- nurture reason ± incest taboo minimizes
sexual competition within family --- social eveloution ± to make alliances with outside
Friedrich Engels ± wrote a very important book ± the origin of the family ± friend of
marx ± conflict theorist ± argued that the family perpetuates class inequality ±you inherit
your class from your parents ± also criticized it b/c they transmit proerty to sons ±
GDXJKWHUGLGQ¶WJHWDQ\WKLQJ± element of patriarchy ± transmission of social inequaly
and stratification and class across generations
Endogamy ± marry within the group
Exdogamy ± marry outside the group
Cinderella ± romance ± falling in love ± love marriage
Harlequin Romances ± love ± love marriage ±
Intermarriage: marriage between a man and woman of different races, religions, tribes,
castes, or ethnic groups, as between a white and a black or between a Christian and a
Preindustrial Pre-industrial society refers to specific social attributes and forms of
political and cultural organization that were prevalent before the advent of the Industrial
extended family
nuclear family: love marriages keeping more with labour mobility
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