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Family Terms

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Mc Kinon

A moral entrepreneur is a person who seeks to influence a group to adopt or maintain a norm The Cleaver Model the traditional nuclear fam- dad works mom stays at home incest taboo regular sexuality function of family matrilineal Navajo tracing decent through the mother Bilateral trace decent through both mother and father Here the incest taboo apply to both side of the family parents brother sister few exceptions to this rule Egyptian Incan Hawaiian brother sister marriages to keep the blood line of ruling marriages pure ---- nurture reason incest taboo minimizes sexual competition within family --- social eveloution to make alliances with outside tibes Friedrich Engels wrote a very important book the origin of the family friend of marx conflict theorist argued that the family perpetuates class inequality you inherit your class from your parents also criticized it bc they transmit proerty to sons ,:JK907L39J09,39KL3J element of patriarchy transmission of social inequaly and stratification and class across generations Endogamy marry within the group Exdogamy marry outside the group Cinderella romance falling in love love marriage Harlequin Romances love love marriage Intermarriage: marriage between a man and woman of different races, religions, tribes, castes, or ethnic groups, as between a white and a black or between a Christian and a non-Christian. Preindustrial Pre-industrial society refers to specific social attributes and forms of political and cultural organization that were prevalent before the advent of the Industrial Revolution. extended family nuclear family: love marriages keeping more with labour mobility
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