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The Black Death
x Due to the spread of bacillus from lice to rats to people
x It spread fast because everyone lived very close together
x Life expectancy: average age at death of members in population
Human-environmental factors
x Divisions such as social class, occupation and nationality
x Some environments foster good health while others impose on added risks of bad health
x Environmental racism putting environmental dangers on the disadvantaged (e.g. first nations
Lifestyle Factors
x Smoking, excessive use of alcohol, poor diet, lack of excerisize
x E.g; smoking can lead to lung cancer, strokes, emphysema and pre mature birth
x 50 000 deaths a year are caused by smoking
x Social isolation, un married people have a greater chance of dying versus married people
Factors related to the public health care systems
x The state of a nations health depends partly on public and private efforts to improve peoples
well being and treat their illness
x Public health system comprises government run programs that ensure acess to clean drinkning
water basic sewage and sanitations
x Health care systems; composed of the nations pubic clinics and hopsitals
Country Of Residence/ class ineqaulties of health care
x HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death in Haiti
x Extreme poverty has forced many Haitians into poverty and many tourists from outside
countries have carried it into the country
x HIV/AIDS illustrates that global inequlity (such as poverty, education etc) influences the
exposure of peopleto different health risks and how they can recover from it
x Prosperity increases health through biomedical advances such as new medicines
x Infant mortality; the number of deaths before the age of one for every 1000 births in one year
x On average, people with low income die at a younfer age than people with high income
x Canadians experience lower rates of sickness, improved helath and longer life expectanciesat
each stepup the income ladder
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