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Families Lecture note

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Mc Kinon

Decline of Traditional Nuclear Family Concern expressed by some about decline of nuclear family, which consists of cohabiting man and women who maintain socially approved sexual relationship and have at least one child Traditional nuclear family o Wife works without pay at home o Husband works in labour market with pay o Decrease in traditional families since 1940 o Increasing prevalence of new family forms o Entrepreneurs say its a tragedy, because marriage rates are decreasing, divorce is rising, o 50% of people will get divorced o Cereal monogamy, when you have a whole bunch of partners o Divorce may be very expensive o Larger number of children are getting raised outside of marriage, and single parent families, and lots of children are being born outside of marriage o 50% of Canadian children spend at least some time in a single parent situation before they reach the age of 18 o Husbands work outside home, wife worked inside home for no pay, and t was the first marriage for both of these individuals o Second marriages have higher divorce rates than first marriages o Today the traditional nuclear family is a minority of most Canadian marriages o A lot of people live together, without getting married-common law o If you are in a common law situation, the Ontario government sees it as a kind of marriage o If the common law marriage splits up, you may still be looking at payments The Functional Outlook
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