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Lecture 1

Lecture 1

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Sheldon Ungar

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Thursday September 10. 2009 ± Lecture 1 Sociological Imagination
Today: Read BRYM Chapter 1, UNGAR Chapter 1
C.W Mills (Sociological Imagination)
-Sociological Imagination = To translate personal troubles into major issues.
-Understand how life chances are affected by broader social economy.
-Ex. Cancer, date rape, unemployment, etc..
-Intersection of three variables
1. History
2. Social Structure (Ex. Gender, race, class)
3. Biography of individual (Ex. Intelligence)
Look at History
-Concept of COHORT = Set of people born at the same time.
-Experience similar things at similar times.
-Ex. Baby Boomers, followed by:
1. Baby Bust 5. Know Nothing
2. MTV Generation 6. With PR Problem
3. Generation X Ie. Antagonistic terms
4. 20 Something
Major differences between cohorts
1. Time born (history) affects opportunities.
2. Size of cohort (social structure) demographic bulge.
Cohort Effects
1. Not binding ties ± Generation X
2. Economic Outlook
3. Culture
- Dominate media and fashion
- Baby boomers lucky with drugs and takes risks
New Impact of Baby Boom?
-Plastic surgery
-Concern with menopause
-Bowling (lawn bowling)
Next Discovery
-Age conflicts over resources (Pushed by demographics) and power (who votes?).
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