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Lecture 3

Lecture 3

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Sheldon Ungar

Thursday September 24, 2009 ± Lecture 3 Tables and Data and Spuriousness Today: Read BRYM Chapter 2, UNGAR Chapter 2 From 4 photos in PPT Variables Used Variables Ignored/inadequate -Class -Family composition -Race -Single family -Ethnicity -Role -Gender -Class -Family -Age -Context Sociology VS. Journalism ± How would sociology study the 4 families? -Use random sample to represent population. -Measure and quantify samples -Ex. Do systemic counting Variables ± Take on two or more values -Gender: Male or Female? -Religion: What religion? How religious? -SES: Social Economic Status -Types on variables are: 1. Independent variable: Come first in time and cause/affect dependent variable. (Ex. gender may affect attitude) 2. Dependent variable *Know/ study research cycle in Brym Textbook (pg. 37), and how to read tables/graphs* Tables and Graphs -Need to calculate % along the independent variable -NOTE on tables/ graphs: Number of variables, independent and dependent variables, what is the table showing? Methodological Issues -Reliability: Consistency in measurement. -Validity: Precision in measurement. (Measuring what you actually want) -Generalizability: Access the relevance beyond case studied. -Causality: Cause and effect relationship among variables. *Study diagram in textbook Fig 2.3 pg. 44* Look at Causations and Spuriousness -Causation: Act of causing
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