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Lecture 4

Lecture 4

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Sheldon Ungar

Thursday October 1, 2009 - Lecture 4 Methods Does Media Violence Create Violence? Today: Read BRYM Chapter 2, UNGAR Chapter 3&4 Science -Conjectures: Conclusion or judgment formed based on incomplete information. -Testing: Work of science. -Refutations: Argument, statement or evidence that proves a claim to be wrong. -Predict to real world? Ex. Sending spaceship to the moon, weather forecast, Methodology -Way of assessing validity and confidence in out knowledge. -Begin with a question. Ex. Does violence in the media affect violent behaviour? (Needs to be more specific) -Once question is formulated, you review the literature. Select a theoretical approach and a method. A Theoretical Approach: Social Learning Theory -People imitate behaviour of models by using similar other and using successful models. Hypothesis -Specifies a relationship between two or more variables. (A testable statement) -Ex. Observed aggressive behaviour on television Æ increased violence in children. Selecting Method: Research Design -Systematic plan to test hypotheses and eliminate alternative explanations. -Each design has strengths and weaknesses. Triangulate designs: using a number of them. -Look at 4 designs today, they include: 1. Correlational 2. Natural Experiment 3. Laboratory Experiment 4. Survey Correlational Design -Show violence on TV has increased in the real world increase. -.LG¶VYLROHQFHLQUHDOZRUOGLQFUHDVH -Assume there is a relation between the two over time. 1. Measure TV violence. -Longitudinal content analysis on TV. -Random sample of TV shows. -Systematic counts of aggression. 2. Issues in measuring TV violence. -
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