Lecture 5

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26 Jul 2010
Thursday October 8, 2009 ± Lecture 5 Threats to Social Order
Today: Read BRYM Chapter 3, 4, 14, 21
Orienting Questions to the Lecture
-Iraq after the war
Before: Totalitarian, held in check by military force.
After: Disband army VS. Selective group, social fabric rips apart, destroy infrastructure.
-Is society orderly ± or not?
-Social cohesion vs. Torn social fabric.
Problems of Social Order
-How to get people to conform? Rather than deviate.
Threats to Social Order
-Hobbes: Insatiable (greed) wants lead to force and fraud.
-Freud: Repress individual.
-Selfish Gene: Genes seek to maximize survival, rather, aggression maximizes it.
-Superiors vs. Inferiors.
-Why do people tolerate so little?
-Avoid breakdown reaction, anomie.
-Threats to sense of order: Suicide s(suicide boomers), mass murder, heresy.
Why Be Moral?
-Frederick Nietzsche
-The Superman: Lucid, rules and arbitrary.
-/HRSROGDQG/RHE³3HUIHFW&ULPH´ By superior being, wanted to create a perfect
crime (Kidnapped Robby Frank and killed him, but due to glasses one dropped they got
-Weight/cost benefit.
-People commit crimes all the time
-Other Characteristics:
-When You Get Caught:
-People tell on you.
-Ruin family reputation.
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